General FAQs About Using PisoPalit

What is PisoPalit?

PisoPalit is a financial service that helps online earners encash their paypal funds faster. It usually takes 2-3 days for getting the funds transferred to local banks, we do it for you in no more than an hour. That's just how we roll.

How do I Receive My Funds in Cash?

We send your funds' equivalent amount in cash to either online bank transfer (we currently only support EON for Union Bank) or through our supported money remittance centers.

How do I Send My Funds?

You send your funds to the paypal account which we will be sending you as per request encashment we received and approved.

What Are Your Rates and Fees?

PisoPalit charges a minimal fee based on the principal amount of funds you wanted to encash. Curious about how much we charge you for your transaction? You can view your corresponding fees on PisoPalit Rates Listing.