Scam Alert! Imitation, Not Always The Sincerest Form of Flattery.


It has been brought to our attention that a certain Jen Empera is trying to offer our very own clients the same service we do by using our name and by baiting them with lower rates.

She even set up her own facebook page here: which apparently uses our logo and is still live as of this writing. We thought we should share you a snapshot in case it might be taken down.

Jen Empera's  facebook  profile page

Jen Empera’s facebook profile page with PisoPalit’s
trademark logo used as primary photo.

One of our loyal clients, who fortunately happened to be quite a bit skeptical had received the following message from her:

Jen: Hi Ma’am this is Jen of pisopalit
Jen: Magpaencash po kayo ma’am?
Jen: We have new rates po
Jen: Ma’am lower rates po only for today.

Our client reported this to us and had gladly sent us the snapshot of the actual chat convo via facebook, upon our request.

Jen Empera  Chat Convo

Jen Empera sends a barrage of messages to one of our clients.

We The PisoPalit Team and all its entities are not associated in any way whatsoever with ms. Jen Empera, who claims to be part of the Team.

We only conduct our transactions on, our official website.

We never solicit anyone informally by sending out personal messages from a personal facebook account. We sent out messages only through our official means of communication; these include skype, facebook, and our official email address and mobile number.

A search on Jen Empera’s name virtually yields no relevant results at all. We are afraid the name may only be made up or might be from someone else’s. If you are Jen Empera and are honestly surprised about this, please feel free to reach us and we will hear your side. Otherwise, please send over your CV and you are very welcome to be part of the team.

We hate fraud, It’s just plain creepy. We just hope that you value our clients as much as we do.

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